Dmexx was founded 2002 from the two software companies. C-Mexx Software -a German developers group- and DSound company (development division of Czech company DISK Multimedia). Based on previous experiences of both companies from area of MI and Pro audio products development, the new company D-Mexx start to develop new products on demand for OEM customers like BrigeCo, Steinberg, TCAT, and some EU system integration companies who need customized digital audio solutions for audio installations based on new technologies. Based on experiences gained throught such development D-Mexx build own product line of digital audio matrix solutions, government recording solutions and unique FW Link technology. For instalation purposes D-Mexx offers fiber MADI cables and splitters solutions line, Range X line of ADAT optical via AES/EBU or CAT 5 cable extenders and LongFire HUB IEEE 1394a extender via CAT 6.